Month: December 2013

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After Christmas I am always so excited for the New Year. I love blank canvases, fresh starts, and new beginnings. 2013 was a tough year for my family with deaths, moves and new challenges I think it’s safe to say we are ready to put this year behind us and move into a beautiful new year! Cheers!

I’ll be h o m e for Christmas

Christmas eve will find me, Where the love light gleams, I’ll be home for Christmas. This song means so much more to me this year. After a move to NYC 5 months ago, and two grandparents passing away in recent months my appreciation for time with my family means everything to me. Last night we watched ‘White Christmas’ and I laid by the fireplace and felt my heart fill with gratitude and thankfulness. I am so thankful that this Christmas, perhaps the most different Christmas my family has ever known, I am here, taking in every sweet moment.