Month: April 2014

Spring, finally.

I am finally home from an extended stay in Dallas with my family. It was the perfect amount of time at home, long enough to get my fix and have me anxious to get back, but also short enough to have glossy eyes at the airport as I turned away from my mom and dad to head back. I have never in my life seen such a difference in a cities seasons than I have in NYC. Not just the weather but the mood of the people. When I left New York just two weeks ago, winter was having it’s last laugh and spring was trying, desperately to bloom, now just a few weeks later spring is here and finally able to stay. The mood of those around me seem to be experiencing the same secret joy from the light as well. I’m seeing more smiles and less grumpy faces. Thank you, Spring! I just can’t explain to you how much weather effects me.. maybe it’s just me? (I doubt it!) The sunshine is my …

April in Texas

I have been in Dallas the past week for an extended Easter/Birthday celebration (April 25th!!!!) and it has been wonderful. I have finally thawed out after my first winter in NYC. I’ve been encouraged by friends, loved on by family and feel so refreshed. I was a little nervous I would be less than excited to head back to NYC but yesterday that feeling came back. The feeling I get when I think of New York and all that’s waiting for me there. I can’t wait for springtime in the city. Promise of summer. Easter Sunday was beautiful. Our “grown up” craft consisted of homemade flower crowns. Real flowers, might I add! Inspired by Erin Fetherston. Check out how to: here. Thanks @Refinery29! I had so much fun surprising Whitney for our birthday, by winning a BFF contest for matching diamond rings from my favorite designer, Helen Ficalora.