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Our SoCal Style

Luke and I have been married for two months…today! I can’t begin to express how FUN these first two months of marriage have been and how thankful I am to have Luke as my husband. I’m so sorry to everyone else who didn’t get to marry him! 😉

As you might have gathered from other posts, only a few days after returning from our honeymoon we packed all of my belongings and moved to our new home in Calabasas.

Luke is studying at Pepperdine Law in Malibu. If you’re not familiar with the area, Calabasas is about a 15 minute drive outside of Malibu. I love our home. It’s close to the beach, a dog park, and has beautiful hiking trails in walking distance of our front door. Luke picked out our apartment without me ever seeing it and did a great job.


Once we arrived in Calabasas I was eager to unpack our wedding gifts and set up house! Here are a few of my favorite decorative and sentimental pieces we’re enjoying in our first home.


This painting sits by our front door and is extremely special to Luke and me. It was a wedding gift from my parents. It’s a little mailbox my dad designed with our new last name. The Landers have mail!


Also by our entry stands our gemstone globe which is very sentimental to me as it was a wedding gift from my gramma. My late grandfather picked theirs out. She has the same one in her home.

I love having fresh flowers in our home. This bouquet is from the Law School Dinner, an early Valentine’s Day date! Our mid century modern breakfast table is the same one my parents had in their first apartment. My mom and gramma did an amazing job reupholstering them before our move with a chic white fabric.

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I love this corner.

The top left framed-photo is from my family’s trip to Maui and the one below it shows off Wind River Ranch‘s upper meadow. The postcard in the mirrored frame to the right, is a photograph of a couple kissing on the streets of Paris. I bought that postcard in Paris when I was 17-years-old.

Our asian inspired lap is an antique from my gramma. The blue and white vase was a gift I registered for after admiring my mother-in-law’s blue and white collection. Our wooden quatrefoil on the stand is one of my favorite things in our apartment. It was a wedding gift from Luke’s family and my mother-in-law has a twin in her home.

Last year for my birthday, Luke gave me a pillow I had been eyeing while shopping in Malibu. CatStudio makes fantastic, vibrant and fun pillows that represent our favorite cities. Currently Malibu is on the top of that list.


We’re still checking a few of these places off our list of places to explore but many of them hold some of our favorite memories in Malibu. I am regularly walking at Zuma or exploring Malibu Country Mart and of course Luke spends most of his time at Pepperdine. 🙂 *The blanket is Ralph Lauren and the side pillows are from Pottery Barn.

The butterflies above were gifts from my dad as he returned one year from a trip to South Africa. We love butterflies. His book even has one on it’s cover!

Many of our framed photos are ones I took while living in New York City. The ones to the left are from strolls through Central Park. Maui had to get in on the action as I snapped my favorite “East Coasters”. Those are very special to me as they were a “just because” present from one of my lifelong friends, looking at you Daniel!

Our move went so smoothly and I am so thankful for that–Not even a broken dish in the cross-country drive. We love our home here in Southern California. Come visit soon!



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