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Mornings in Malibu: Westward Beach

Since moving to Southern California I would say I spend 85% of my time outside or planning when I’ll be outside next. It’s too pretty not to! Most Saturdays we begin our weekend with a hike or a walk on the beach. I am an early riser and Luke likes to sleep in so we’ve found a meeting place around 8AM. Yes, I said 8AM, it balances out Luke’s 10AM wake up with my 6AM one. :).

On Saturdays that Luke has to study I’ve welcomed a ritual of exploring Westward Beach with Maui. I’ve shared it on Snapchat before but had fun taking some photos this morning while we were out.


Westward Beach is tucked around the bend of (the sometimes crowded) Zuma Beach. It’s a bit cozier than Zuma and I’ve found familiar faces after only a few weekends of being a regular. I had someone today wave and remind me that we had spoken last week, which I thought was very sweet. Maui has quickly become the mascot of Westward Beach and people can’t seem to get enough of her (no, I’m not biased!).


If you can find a spot, there is free parking on the street. It’s a hotspot for surfers and families who’d like to get some sun so during the summer, especially on the weekends, free parking can be difficult to find. If you drive past Sunset Restaurant you’ll have to pay a small fee for parking but you’ll be closer to trails right off the beach and the most famous part of Westward, near the cliffs, which has been used in lots of commercials and advertising campaigns.


Any houses on Westward are prime real estate for those able to spend multi millions on their home. If you’re looking for a key, be prepared to spend at least 10 million. Having a key means you’ll have a private walkway down to the beach.

One of the reasons I love walking here is because on one side of you, you’ll have the beautiful ocean and waves and on the other you can look up into the cliffs and see all of the spectacular homes. On almost every visit to Westward, wildlife comes out in full force. I’ve spotted either a dolphin, a whale, or a seal and on one (very lucky) occasion I spotted all three! Today it was a dolphin and a whale…..I love life! 🙂

The flowers in Malibu always catch my eye. They are stunning!

After our walk I like to get in a workout. Maui and I have made a nice habit of getting her setup on a blanket or towel next to my car with water as I roll out my yoga mat. Technically dogs are not allowed at Westward or Zuma Beach but if they are far away from the water it’s not an issue.


We love our mornings in Malibu, even if it means Maui needs a bath! 🙂


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