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Our Malibu Favorites: Hiking

Luke and I have had many visitors the past few weeks and one of my favorite things to show them is some of our amazing hiking trails here in Southern California! I’m sure this list will grow but for now, here are some of our favorite trails in Calabasas, the Santa Monica Mountains and Malibu.

Solstice Canyon:

Malibu, CA

Solstice Canyon is the first hike Luke and I went on knowing that I would be moving to Malibu. I couldn’t believe I was going to be able to do this hike any Saturday I wanted! Since our first go at it I have taken my parents, one of my best friends, BriAnn, and two of my three sister-in-laws.


Solstice Canyon is a park within the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area in Malibu, California. Located off Corral Canyon Road from Pacific Coast Highway, the canyon runs north-to-south about a mile east of Point Dume. This hike lasts anywhere from an hour to two hours depending on how leisurely you walk.

Winding Way Trail:

Malibu, CA

This hike is one of my favorites because of the views at the beginning. Unlike Solstice, Winding Way Trail, also known as Escondido Falls Trail, has ocean views at the beginning and end of the hike. Instead of a loop, hikers come back to the trailhead to exit. The first half of the hike starts uphill through a residential area (beautiful homes) and then down into a valley where hikers trek to a (sometimes) flowing waterfall, Escondido Falls. This hike lasts about an hour and a half.


BriAnn and I at the trailhead of Escondido Falls Trail.

Left: Maui and I cooling off. Photo by: Luke. Right: My cousin, Mary Blake, and I enjoying sunny SoCal.

Westward Beach Trail:

Zuma Beach, Malibu, CA

If our guests are looking for time on the beach but also want to hike, we always take them to Westward Beach. Westward Beach is a more secluded beach off of Malibu’s famous Zuma Beach. Every time I have been to Westward I have seen a whale, a dolphin or a seal…and on one occasion all three! By far one of my favorite places to explore.

Paramount Ranch

Calabasas, CA

Our most recent find was when one of my sister-in-laws came to visit and Luke took us to the famous Paramount Ranch. It’s basically in our backyard here in Calabasas. In 1927 Paramount Pictures purchased 2,400 acres for use as a “movie ranch.” After World War II the studio sold the property where parcels were sold to private investors. In 1952 Bill Hertz bought 326 acres that still bear the Paramount name, where he turned the land into a western town. In 1980 the National Park Service purchased the land and revitalized the old movie ranch.


Paramount Ranch does not qualify as a “hike” but the trails around it are simply gorgeous! You could spend a full day exploring all of them.

Screen Shot 2016-02-29 at 10.28.18 AM

We love being able to explore some of the most beautiful trails in Southern California and look forward to taking on many more! Above: My two favorite hiking companions. 



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