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Finding Professional Inspiration from Other Working Women

I have a whole page on my website dedicated to women I admire, which you can see here BUT this list is constantly growing so today I decided to add a few to my list.

Throughout my career and in each season of my life I have found new role models and women that inspire me.

I’ve noticed that where I am living at the moment also contributes to who I am looking up to and who I enjoy learning from. When I lived in New York I found my list of role models to be an ever revolving door. Now, living in Los Angeles, that is still the case and many of the women who’s careers I follow are the same but I’ve found even more that inspire my career and help me dream bigger.

Being married and now sharing in the west coast lifestyle I’ve found many of the working women I am learning from currently are well-rounded, outdoorsy and creative. Allow me to introduce them!

Amanda Brooks: @AmandaCBrooks

Amanda Brooks, former Fashion Director at Barney’s, is one of my favorite’s to follow because her path and career have led her to places she (and those along for the ride) would have never imagined. After studying at my husband’s alma mater, Brown University, Brooks moved to New York City and quickly launched an impressive career in fashion.


It was Brooks’s artist husband, Christopher, who introduced her to his native Oxfordshire when she was 22-years-old.

“Along the way, she and Christopher had two children—Coco, 14, and Zach, 12—and every summer, the four would relocate from Manhattan to Christopher’s family’s farm, outside the tiny village of Churchill (population: 663). Amanda began to connect to English country life by learning to cook, then to garden and to ride. Soon, the family found it hard to return to New York each September. “We felt so wistful every time we left the farm,” she says. “Family life seemed so much easier here in England, so we thought, ‘Let’s do a year in the Cotswolds while the kids are still young enough to move schools.’ That was three and a half years ago.” via Conde Nast


Brooks’s Instagram is one of my favorite’s to pop in on because it’s a mix of gorgeous photos of the english countryside and throwbacks of glamorous parties in Manhattan. I admire Brooks because I remember my personal struggle when I realized it was time to leave New York, and I wasn’t moving to a different country! Her career has continued to flourish even from their farm in England. She writes for many publications and still has time for horse rides before dinner. What’s not to love?

Rachelle Hruska: @RachelleHruska


Hruska is the founder of one of my favorite websites Guest of a Guest, which shares stories, parties and photos of people and celebrities at exclusive events – delivered to you daily. I first heard about Guest of a Guest while living in New York and quickly became a fan of Hruska’s through social media. The site is global and documents parties and events on both coasts, which I appreciate more now than ever. An idea birthed in NYC now updating us from Los Angeles, DC, Miami, The Hamptons, San Fran and Chicago!

Screen Shot 2016-03-23 at 2.19.53 PM.png

Ella Woodward: @DeliciouslyElla

You may have heard of Ella Woodward also known as Deliciously Ella. I have mentioned her in previous posts but since binge watching her YouTube cooking videos I had to add her to the list. Woodward is a young entrepreneur who’s first cookbook came out only a few years ago. She so fun to follow on Instagram (saw she has been to our honeymoon spot, Jade Mountain in Saint Lucia.) and YouTube. Some of my favorite recipes were cooked up in her London flat, now available at her cafe in London called Mae Deli. If you’re in need of a fresh, healthy, new recipe to enjoy Ella is my go-to.


Karena & Katrina: @ToneItUp


I have been following the Tone It Up girls, Karena and Katrina for years. Starting out as two young entrepreneurs, they used to share YouTube videos filmed in their apartments and now they have workout DVD’s filmed in tropical locations, multiple endorsements from activewear brands and an impressive 591K followers on Instagram. They share recipes, workout tips and videos with their community of followers and are often meeting with publications like SELF Magazine to further their brand and continue to encourage women to eat healthy and stay active. I love what these two best friends have built together & I’m happy to have called them my trainers for so many years!

Katie Lee: @KatieLeeKitchen

Another favorite follow of mine is brunette beauty, Katie Lee, co-host of The Kitchen on FoodNetwork. I first heard of her two years ago when I was celebrating Thanksgiving in The Hamptons. A local, Katie did her book shoot on beaches I visited during my time living on the East Coast. Last fall I bought her Endless Summer Cookbook and look forward to trying out more of her recipes this summer as it’s our first summer living in a beach town!

These women (and many more!) inspire me to be creative with my passions and continue to follow my dreams. If you’re a young professional wondering what’s the next step for you I would encourage you to look for people that are doing things you’re curious or passionate about. It’s a fun way to find inspiration!

Lastly, we all know the women below are my top inspiration, now and always!



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