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A Week in Pagosa Springs, Colorado

Luke and I had the most amazing week with our family in Pagosa Springs, CO. My in-laws rented a beautiful mountain house for the week. Pagosa Springs is about an hour outside of Durango, CO. We flew LAX to Denver to Durango on Memorial Day and made it Pagosa Springs before sun down.

I knew it was going to be a great trip from the very beginning! On our United flight from LAX to DEN I looked up and recognized one of the flight attendants, a former favorite colleague of mine! Thank you for taking such great care of us Kat.

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The Denver to Durango flight is a short one in a very small plane. I always enjoy those, Luke not so much. 🙂

Our week began with a private fly fishing trip to a peaceful lake owned by a couple that have lived in Pagosa Springs for generations. We so enjoyed hanging out with our fly fishing guides, one was a Baylor grad! Of course my favorite was our furry friend Beartooth, an 8-month old husky.

After a full day of fishing we dined at a popular restaurant in town.


We went on multiple hikes through out the week. My favorite being one all the “kids” went on. Ending up at high point overlooking downtown Pagosa as storm clouds rolled in. It was awesome!

We enjoyed a family hike too! High above a river below.



On our last day in Pagosa, Jillian and I went on a hike that reminded us that “the hills are alive with the sound of music!”

I think we all agreed that our favorite excursion was white water rafting. It was a half a day trip with a little lunch break which was perfect. Luke’s three sisters took most of the freezing cold splashes but Luke and I had our fair share on the second row too. The rapids we went down were 1, 2 and a few 3’s. Just exciting enough without ever thinking we were going to have anyone fly out of the boat.

Once we defrosted our feet after the first hour or so we were back on the river. My father-in-law enjoys birdwatching and on the calmer waters we were able to see lots of wildlife.


The girls ready for the trip! Myself, Jana, Nona, Lindsey and Jillian.

Pagosa Springs is also popular for it’s hot springs so after a cold day on the water we went directly there.

“When the first white men came across the Great Pagosa Hot Spring over 150 years ago, they noticed the ground around the pool to be packed by human foot prints with paths radiating out from the 75 foot diameter bubbling pool like spokes from the hub of a wheel. Native Americans had been enjoying the waters of this natural hot mineral spring for generations before others found the special waters.”

I believe the hottest spring our group could handle was 107 degrees.


Checking out a double rainbow with my sister-in-law, Jana.
Luke and John enjoying their second fishing trip without the girls. 🙂

My mother-in-law setup a little photoshoot for us on our second to last night in Pagosa and I’m so thankful she thought to do so. Our first family trip with me being apart of it all. It will be so fun to look back on these photos as the years go by, especially as our family grows.


We love you John and Nona! Thank you for an amazing trip!

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