Month: May 2017

Our D.C. Trip: The Hay-Adams Hotel

Last fall Luke and I took a trip to Washington, D.C. It was Luke’s first visit and my second. I was at The Hay-Adams in 2015 for their 4th of July celebration when I lived in New York and while that trip was absolutely amazing, nothing could have prepared me for my time with Luke at The Hay-Adams this time around. All thanks to their fabulous hospitality! The view from our room was classic D.C. It faced St. John’s Church. St. John’s is the oldest church in the city of Richmond, Virginia, built in 1741. The Church Hill district was named for it. It was the site of two important conventions in the period leading to the American Revolutionary War, and is famous as the location where Patrick Henry gave his memorable speech at the Second Virginia Convention, closing with the often-quoted demand, “give me liberty, or give me death!” The church is designated as a National Historic Landmark. One of my favorite things about The Hay-Adams, apart from its beautiful decor, is the location. …

Simple Veggie Salad

Recently I have been making big salads for lunch and this recipe is one that I’ve really enjoyed. Very easy, fresh, simple and light. Add a protein of your choice and enjoy! SIMPLE VEGGIE SALAD 1 handful of mixed spring lettuce 1⁄2 avocado 1⁄2 yellow bell pepper chopped 1⁄2 red bell pepper chopped sliced onion 1 tsp salt 1 tsp pepper dash of olive oil OR this Primal Kitchen Dressing

Big Bear Weekend: The end of an era

This weekend Luke and I headed to Big Bear with two of our favorite couples from law school (both husbands were groomsmen in our wedding). It was something we had talked about for months but only nailed down plans the week before and I’m so glad we did. I think sometimes we like to romanticize long weekends with friends but we’ll make up excuses so that the trips are never executed. I’m so thankful this group didn’t go that route. Law school is a unique season of life and while I only have the insight of a spouse (no, I was not the one in law school). I do feel as if I have been just as much a part of the late night studying, the early morning flashcards and of course the Bar Prep Luke so diligently took on. It’s draining, taxing and at times feels never-ending. And then all of a sudden, three years later (or two and a half if you’re Luke) you’re graduating! This trip was dedicated to our graduates and I loved celebrating them. …

Protein Pancakes

This recipe is one that Whitney and I found years ago and we still love it! I find pancakes with eggs, sugar and white flour to be far to heavy for me so this is a healthier, lighter option. PROTEIN PANCAKES  1 packet or scoop Perfect Fit Protein 1⁄2 banana, mashed 1⁄2 Tbs unsweetened almond milk 1⁄4 cup egg whites 1 tsp cinnamon 1 tsp maple syrup Cook like regular pancakes and enjoy!

26 Lessons I Learned by 26

Last week I turned 26 years old. Which is strange because I feel like just last week I was celebrating my Golden Birthday, 25 on April 25th. Turning 25 was fun, it still felt young, it was my first birthday being married and my twin sister, Whitney, was here with us celebrating. Turning 26 was very different. A week before my birthday I received an early morning phone call from one of my best friends to tell me her sister had died in a car accident. Four days later was the funeral of Nancy-Jane David, who felt like a little sister to me in high school. I haven’t shared any of this on my social media platforms out of respect for her family but they have since shared and will continue to. We had all been together just three weeks before at Georgia’s bridal shower. I had not seen Nancy-Jane in a year or two and one of my main takeaways from that shower was NJ. She was stunning. She was smart. She had everything in life to look …