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Malibu Beach Inn

Disclaimer: Today I am not at Malibu Beach Inn. While I am a short 25 minutes away (at home in Calabasas) I am not currently there. Instead, I am working from home with an around the clock rotation of carpet cleaners, painters, dry wall creators, plumbers and other home improvement experts. Our home had a water leak over the weekend. Luckily, we were at The Four Seasons Westlake (post to come) and didn’t have to deal with any of this drama until today. So needless to say I am currently dreaming of Malibu Beach Inn and just might have to pop in tomorrow to make today’s dreaming tomorrow’s reality.

MalibuBeachInn2_Lounge-0140-Edit (1)

When I  visited Malibu Beach Inn for the first time last month and walked into the newly renovated Carbon Beach Club Restaurant I felt a wave of peace wash over me. The Pacific Ocean is straight ahead as you walk into the dining and bar area. The windows are perfectly placed for optimum sunshine and breathtaking views. It’s light and airy with pops of color in the artwork, many of which are originals.

The flower arrangements seem to be a mix of wildflowers that are local to the area, I’ve seen many similar flowers on hiking trails and near beaches. Incase you’re cold there are thick cashmere throws both inside and out so that every guest can be cozy. If you have been to Malibu before you know that while nearly 99.9% of the time our weather is perfect, there are a few rare days that the temperature can drop. June Gloom, I am talking about you!

MalibuBeachInn2_Lounge-0224_v5 (1)

If you ever see photos of Malibu Pier from the beach or above, they were probably taken on Carbon Beach or the outdoor seating area at Carbon Beach Club Restaurant. That is the best view of the pier.


I loved the fun striped wallpaper and color scheme they chose for the rooms and restaurant. It’s very fresh and relaxed, perfect for locals or travelers.


If a blanket is not enough to keep you warm than you may want to call ahead and ask for a seat by the fireplace. If you need me, I’ll be there! The dining area pictured above feels so quaint and inviting. You almost feels as if you’re at a friends private beach house.


The rooms have similar decor with that same stunning beach-y color scheme that I just loved. This King Premiere Ocean Front has it’s own couch and fireplace with a LCD HD flatscreen television just above. Movie night anyone?


If you’re planning a trip to Malibu I cannot recommend this boutique hotel enough. It’s location, staff, decor, ambiance, and food make it a tough competitor in Malibu and beyond.

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