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Four Seasons Westlake Village

This summer Luke and I stayed at The Four Seasons Westlake Village in celebration of his swearing in to The California Bar!

I had been there before for a friend’s bachelorette so to have Luke with me was different from my previous visit but all the more sweeter.


I love this hotel because it’s really close to our house so it’s a great spot for a staycation and it’s super easy to get to from Calabasas or Thousand Oaks. One thing I find interesting though is that they really market towards Malibu and if I was coming to visit Malibu I would think this hotel is a little far, our house in Calabasas is closer than The Four Seasons.

My mother-in-law and I were so excited because our stay landed on global wellness day which had the whole hotel packed with delicious food and special workouts for guests. We participated in the food portion and opted for a spa day over any of the workout classes. I didn’t miss out on their gym though, I love their gym and I actually took a cycling class when I was there for the bachelorette weekend. Their cycling studio is really impressive! The gym is large and has pretty much anything you would need and then some (!!!) Most likely because The Four Seasons also hosts the California Institute for Health. You can always check with the concierge about special workouts they’re having or group hikes and even bike rides through Westlake. It’s one of the main reasons I love this hotel, all of the healthy lifestyle options they give guests.


Upon arriving we were welcomed with beautiful oriental decor and their signature stunning chandelier directly in front of you as you enter. They never cease to amaze me with their flower arrangements either. During our stay it was a delicious bouquet of pink roses.


This hotel is larger than some of my favorite boutique hotels but it still has many aspects that make guests feel as if they’re the only ones there! One of the ways they did so was the wake up call my husband received around 4:30 AM before his morning of fly fishing with my father-in-law. After sending Luke off and getting in a great morning work out I joined my mother-in-law for a beautiful breakfast with gorgeous views of their outdoor waterfalls and “backyard”. Since it was Global Wellness Day I opted for their special, egg whites, spinach and tomato omelette. Delicious!


We then headed to the Calabasas Farmer’s Market as I had never been and we both knew we would have a lovely morning together there. I always enjoy time with my mother-in-law.

Once we arrived we stumbled across the darling shop ‘French‘ in Calabasas. Our helper, Emilie, was a charming French woman who has since become a friend of mine. I often say hello whenever I stop in.


Don’t let the seemingly expensive materials and weaved baskets stop you from exploring ‘French’. Many of the items we found had completely reasonable price points and were all absolutely gorgeous!

After walking through the Farmer’s Market we met up with our guys to enjoy a spa day back at The Four Seasons. Again, I had experienced the spa during the bachelorette weekend but thoroughly enjoyed being back. It’s a large spa area with a sauna, steam room, hot tub and any amenity you would hope for in a spa. The locker rooms are large and very clean as are the bathrooms and showers for post spa pampering. My massage was as expected, so relaxing! It could not have come at a better time as spring was very challenging for me personally this year. I enjoyed every second.

To wind down after our massages that afternoon we all sat poolside and ordered guacamole with chips and cucumbers. Simply the best.

On the way to dinner that evening we had to swing back by our house to grab something and we realized that our home was flooded, the staycation could not have come at a better time! Ha! Brief update, all is well with our home and we didn’t have to pay for any damages and didn’t lose any furniture or clothing. 🙂


On Sunday morning we enjoyed The Farmer’s Market Breakfast at The Four Seasons Westlake which comes complete with a create your own omelette bar, yogurt parfait area, every pastry you could possibly imagine and delicious hot meal options waiting for you upon arrival.


I highly suggest it all!

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