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Georgia’s Wedding Weekend at The Ritz-Carlton Bachelor Gulch

This summer Luke and I attended the most amazing wedding of one of my best friends in Vail, Colorado at The Ritz Bachelor Gulch.

It was truly one of the most beautiful weddings I have ever been to with the most joyful, calm and sweetest bride. From our first breakfast (with THE bride) to the reception under the stars, Luke and I felt so honored to be apart of such a beautiful weekend.


Luke and I flew LAX to Denver and the Denver to Eagle Airport. From Eagle we took a shuttle about 25/30 minutes to the insanely pretty Ritz Carlton Bachelor Gulch. We planned to arrive late on Friday night but ended up getting in around 1:30am due to mechanical issues with our plane from Denver to Eagle, so we missed the dramatic drive up to The Ritz but woke up filled with excitement to explore the stunning property and see our friends.


Upon arrival we were greeted by friendly (and very awake) staff who welcomed us and proceeded to give us a short review of the hotel before sending us up to our room, with a butler just before us with our bags.

Our room was very stylish with cozy interiors but also masculine touches to connect with the mountains outside. It was the perfect mountain top escape. I loved our little kitchen in our room. This is always a bonus to me at hotels, I love being able to make and enjoy my coffee in my room before venturing out to explore.



Arrival 2AM: Never too late for a bathroom selfie, or wait maybe it was? 🙂

Asprey was the amenity of choice in our bathroom, a favorite of The Ritz Hotels. We brought some home with us. It’s funny how memories can be attached to the smell of amenities.

Our bathroom was very spacious with stunning marble and a heavy door so those enjoying time in the other room didn’t need worry about an embarrassing incident.


The morning of the wedding, Saturday, Luke and I woke up early to venture out and see what friends we could find, explore the property and get some breakfast. Lucky for us we ended up eating with the bride! This is one of my favorite memories from Georgia & Cody’s wedding weekend. Getting to have one of my best friends all to myself, for a moment… on her wedding day! 🙂


Unfortunately for me, I decided now would be a good time to show Georgia an old picture of us, from middle school, the table behind us, aka troublemakers asked to see it and I was teased endlessly.

Luckily, we all agreed I’ve done pretty well for myself since then..ha! Friendship like this one truly come once in a lifetime. Georgia and I have been friends since third grade, the memories that come with that kind of friendship are endless and priceless.


Breakfast: Avocado Toast & Fresh Juice

After breakfast we walked around the grounds and took in the fresh mountain air. It was then that I realized this resort was truly heaven on earth: It’s pet friendly! It seems they somehow only allow the most beautiful and well trained dogs here too. Wonder how they swing that? 🙂


The grounds at The Ritz Carlton Bachelor Gulch are beautiful even in “off season”. I can’t imagine this place with snow- STUNNING!

The day continued with the bridal party getting ready together in one of the most amazing suites with the most spectacular views (!!!) shown above. Every detail and gift was perfectly placed so that everyone felt loved and thought of. Very much like Georgia to make sure everyone else felt like a princess on HER wedding day.

One of my favorite things about weddings as friends get older and marry guys they meet out of college is the postgrad friends you’re able to meet! It was such a joy to get to know two of Georgia’s closest friends, one I had met before but the other it was our first time meeting and I was reminded again how instant friendships happen when you all love the same people. It was a sweet reminder throughout the weekend.

From the suite we all piled into a party bus for pictures. In true Georgia style we kicked off pictures with an adventure! Only one way up, ski lift!


Georgia and Tara


The photos and stunning views were well worth it!




From our mountain top photo shoot we went straight back to The Ritz to get ready for the ceremony which was decorated with beautiful jewel toned flowers that all perfectly fit the weekends mountainside look.


I was reuinted with Luke and was happy to hear he had a full day without me. 🙂 He went on a hike, to the spa and then the gym. See? It can all be done at The Ritz!


My beautiful bestie and her handsome groom.

After the ceremony the couple had arranged to take a few photos with the wedding party and some shots of just the two of them so once I was finished with wedding party pictures, Luke and I headed to the cocktail hour so I could introduce him to some of my best friends from High School. So fun!



Reception under the stars!


My handsome date!


Georgia’s wedding reception was just as beautiful as the rest of the weekend had been. The flowers, food, and company were second to none. Her head table hosted friends from every season of life. Luke and I so enjoyed getting know so many of Cody’s friends as well as Georgia’s that I had only heard about or seen pictures of.

The love felt throughout the weekend was tangible.


We love you Georgia and Cody! Thank you for the most amazing weekend! It’s one we won’t soon forget.


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