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Simple Veggie Salad

Recently I have been making big salads for lunch and this recipe is one that I’ve really enjoyed. Very easy, fresh, simple and light. Add a protein of your choice and enjoy! SIMPLE VEGGIE SALAD 1 handful of mixed spring lettuce 1⁄2 avocado 1⁄2 yellow bell pepper chopped 1⁄2 red bell pepper chopped sliced onion 1 tsp salt 1 tsp pepper dash of olive oil OR this Primal Kitchen Dressing

26 Lessons I Learned by 26

Last week I turned 26 years old. Which is strange because I feel like just last week I was celebrating my Golden Birthday, 25 on April 25th. Turning 25 was fun, it still felt young, it was my first birthday being married and my twin sister, Whitney, was here with us celebrating. Turning 26 was very different. A week before my birthday I received an early morning phone call from one of my best friends to tell me her sister had died in a car accident. Four days later was the funeral of Nancy-Jane David, who felt like a little sister to me in high school. I haven’t shared any of this on my social media platforms out of respect for her family but they have since shared and will continue to. We had all been together just three weeks before at Georgia’s bridal shower. I had not seen Nancy-Jane in a year or two and one of my main takeaways from that shower was NJ. She was stunning. She was smart. She had everything in life to look …

Easter Weekend 2017

It’s the morning after Easter! I hope you and your families had an amazing weekend.  We were up early and headed to Santa Monica where we attend Vintage Church LA. To our family, Easter is a day of celebration but something that we focus on every day. The resurrection and new life we find in Jesus Christ! He is risen! And can I just say that all of the volunteers and staff at our church truly outdid themselves this year. It was gorgeous! Their main decoration piece was flowers… and you know how I love flowers.  Yesterday afternoon we had joined friends in Westlake at Luke’s bosses house. It was so fun for me to get to know everyone he’s working with and their families. We are kind of Pepperdine obsessed! We wrapped up the day with a beach walk with our dear friends the McCollum’s. Soaking in all the time we can with friends who are graduating and moving in May.

May Malibu Visits

We recently had my parents come and visit us in Malibu over Memorial Day Weekend. It’s always so fun to have them here and always a bit surreal. Being a newlywed and inviting your parents over to your fully stocked kitchen, home and new city has been one of the funnest parts about living in Calabasas. Everyone wants to visit! I always enjoy showing guests around the hiking trails behind our house in the Santa Monica Mountains. Luckily, my parents are usually up for the challenge! Good looking guys! Restaurants we frequented this trip: Tom’s Urban, L.A. Live Mendocino Farms, Agoura Hills Lemonade, Calabasas Gladstone’s, Malibu Thank you for coming to see us mom and dad! We love you! Until next time!!

Our Malibu Favorites: Hiking

Luke and I have had many visitors the past few weeks and one of my favorite things to show them is some of our amazing hiking trails here in Southern California! I’m sure this list will grow but for now, here are some of our favorite trails in Calabasas, the Santa Monica Mountains and Malibu. Solstice Canyon: Malibu, CA Solstice Canyon is the first hike Luke and I went on knowing that I would be moving to Malibu. I couldn’t believe I was going to be able to do this hike any Saturday I wanted! Since our first go at it I have taken my parents, one of my best friends, BriAnn, and two of my three sister-in-laws. Solstice Canyon is a park within the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area in Malibu, California. Located off Corral Canyon Road from Pacific Coast Highway, the canyon runs north-to-south about a mile east of Point Dume. This hike lasts anywhere from an hour to two hours depending on how leisurely you walk. Winding Way Trail: Malibu, CA This …

Leaping into February 29th

Happy Leap Day! I have been eager to share some photos of Maui LEAPING with love on a recent beach trip in Malibu. One of the (many) benefits of marrying Luke is that I instantly gained a whole new group of friends. One of them is a very talented videographer and photographer, Rob Ranney. Rob stayed with Luke a few weeks ago while I was speaking at Baylor and on their hike and during their time at the beach, captured some of my new favorite pictures! Thank you Rob for sharing these memories with us. Maui was decked out in every possible doggy accessory. She has on her GoPro body vest (thank you Nona!) and prong collar, which helps keep her on track while hiking on tough terrain. And then it was time for the beach….   I have never seen Maui more happy than when she is at the beach! Fate and her name must have had something to do with that 🙂 …she truly is my island girl! Leaping into February 29th with some motivation from Maui! Life is …

Mornings in Malibu: Westward Beach

Since moving to Southern California I would say I spend 85% of my time outside or planning when I’ll be outside next. It’s too pretty not to! Most Saturdays we begin our weekend with a hike or a walk on the beach. I am an early riser and Luke likes to sleep in so we’ve found a meeting place around 8AM. Yes, I said 8AM, it balances out Luke’s 10AM wake up with my 6AM one. :). On Saturdays that Luke has to study I’ve welcomed a ritual of exploring Westward Beach with Maui. I’ve shared it on Snapchat before but had fun taking some photos this morning while we were out. Westward Beach is tucked around the bend of (the sometimes crowded) Zuma Beach. It’s a bit cozier than Zuma and I’ve found familiar faces after only a few weekends of being a regular. I had someone today wave and remind me that we had spoken last week, which I thought was very sweet. Maui has quickly become the mascot of Westward Beach and people can’t seem …