Luke and Me


I can’t imagine having a site that is supposed to represent everything I love without sharing a little bit of my love story with Luke Landers, my sweet husband.

February of 2010: Luke and I met when I was a freshman at Baylor University and he was a Sophomore at Brown University. He came to visit friends in Waco, Texas and after his weekend trip we had little reason to stay connected other than becoming friends on Facebook. Through out the next 5 years I would see his posts and would randomly check in but we lived in different states so there was no reason to really pursue anything.

Fast forward to July of 2012, my twin sister, Whitney, and I were leaving a church service when I noticed Luke sitting a few rows behind us. After the service I was determined to say hello and when we saw him walking to his car I parked ours, jumped out and yelled, “Luke Landers!”

Luke’s view: As I was walking to my car that day, I was praying that God would send me friends, because I was new to town and was feeling lonely. Immediately I heard the sweetest voice calling my name. When I turned around I saw Emily getting out of her car, waving to get my attention. I am sure I seemed awkward to Emily as we caught up on the side of the road, because I felt like God had answered my prayer as soon as He heard me. This was the first time God answered my prayers by sending Emily into my life. Little did I know that lonely day in Dallas that God gave me a glimpse of His incredible plan for my life.

Over the next couple of years, Emily and I would chat occasionally on Facebook. I thought of her from time to time, and she often seemed to be on my heart to pray for. Although, I had only spent a short time with her, I knew she was a special girl and she was “my standard of beauty.”

For some reason in December of 2014 God kept putting Emily on my heart to pray for. I spent New Year’s Eve at home with my parents, and that night my mom asked me what would be my dream New Year’s Eve. I said I would call Emily Warren and take her out on a date.


January of 2015: I saw Luke’s parents at a wedding and since I had met his mom before I was quick to say hello and welcomed the chair she pulled out for me. I had wondered if he would be at the wedding because I thought it would be fun to dance with him (I am 5’11 and Luke is 6’4 so dancing with someone taller than me always excited me! 🙂 We chatted for a little while and then I left.

The next morning I woke up thinking about Luke and even went to his Instagram to show my mom a video of him singing. I had a full blown cyber crush and I made sure word got back to him. Once it did Luke got my phone number, texted that day, called the day after and visited me in Texas two weeks later. We were engaged by May of 2015 and married in December of 2015.

We’ve now honeymooned in Saint Lucia, moved our little family to California and began life post law school. Luke began working as The Director of Planning, Operations and Construction for Pepperdine University after graduating from Pepperdine Law in December of 2016.

Luke now works at Hiepler and Hiepler as a Plantiffs Attorney.